Care in the Community

to infinity - and beyond!
I recall when the CitC mental health policy was introduced - it got a lot of press and news coverage. . .
. . .not all of which was favourable
right now I'm doing my best to stay in the moment - the past is the past, there is nothing I can change about it; the future is an expansive overwhelming looming scary thing, which I'm trying not to think about; I'm just looking at my feet, doing my best not trip up, attempting to make sure I have a sound footing for this step and the next; dealing in small chunks of time - a morning, an afternoon, an evening, a tomorrow, a next week - but not much further than that. . .
. . .for now
so, my now, my in-the-moment is of being "cared for, in the community" and can I just say, for the record, that the nurses and doctors are
. brilliant

and to the last wo/man have the same message:
in order to look after your children properly, you need to look after yourself properly: eat, sleep, distract, do ordinary things, distract, relax, distract, stay occupied, distract, accentuate the positive, distract, build up and redevelop your concentration span, distract, put on music, distract, don't exhaust yourself, distract, have the occasional treat. . .
(it reminds me of Toy Story, when Buzz says to Sid, the evil-toy-trashing-boy-next-door, "play nice")


Mel said...

I'm really, really, really glad this is a good experience for you and that the caretaking folks are so incredible and wonderful.

If they weren't.....I'd haffta punch 'em. ;-)

((((((( ILTV )))))))))

Mel said...


*hanging head*

I'll play nice....

'Shot said...

I LURVE "Toy Story"!

Anonymous G said...

i just wrote and consequently lost quite possibly the longest comment ever written in a comment box. i can't begin to remember what i wrote, nor do i have the energy to re-write it since i'm SO ticked off that it happened!


(none of this is what you want to hear. maybe tomorrow i'll try again.)

i DO want to say that i am so glad to know that the special people in your life right now are wonderful as you've described.

JUST what you need! :)

...sorry for my grumpy whine.


Dave said...

Have a nice sunny Sunday.

Z said...

When my father died and my mother was going through a bad time, there was a Schultz cartoon where Snoopy was lying on his kennel musing 'People say you should take life one day at a time. Sometimes I find half a day quite enough for me' (or words to the effect). It made her laugh and it really helped. She carries on quoting it for years.

ziggi said...

just enjoy the sunshine today :)

Mel said...

<--knows G's pain and frustration well......

*waving happily*

And a glorious, sunshiney Sunday to you, ma'am.
I'm thinkin' if you follow that recipe--it'll have some grand moments!

(minute by minute STILL, some days....)

*HUGE hugs*