so where am I in the bigger scheme of things?

so the as-yet-still-unpacked-from-last-year boxes from the cellar in the rented house will be delivered early next week (apart from the one that contained the wedding china - I smashed it up plate by plate, bowl by bowl, dish by dish, with a hammer two days before the move and took it to the dump; along with the one containing the cheap wine glasses that XCH had rejected in favour of the posh wine glasses, which he took with him), I don't know where I'm going to put anything else, as there is not a nook or cranny, cupboard of shelf left, there is no cellar or loft - what makes matters worse is that the as-yet-still-unpacked-from-last-year boxes contain my treasured possessions - rather than the everyday bric-a-brac - my art books, my photo albums, my poetry books, my novels. . . perhaps I no longer "need" any of it (altho there are many things I have sorely missed over the last year) and should just take it all to the dump; the rubbish piling up into a mountain of discarded debris at the front of the house has been removed by a kindly man and van, at not too great an expense to my somewhat crippled bank account; the furniture order, that I had paid for in full, is to be delivered after all - tho still no news on the deposits on the rest; the loo that was broken in the boys' new shower room, is now mended - an "hour long" job turned into one that took a whole day; the mother cat hid four of the five kittens and it took us ages to find which nook and cranny she'd put them in, before we could return the one that was left all on its own pathetically bleating in the basket in the kitchen. . .
The Teen got some reasonably good marks in his exams and is now expressing interest in tidying up his new bedroom (wonders will never cease) (altho, not surprisingly, he wants to paint is black); Middle One received a Gold Certificate in a National Maths Challenge (which means he's in the top 6% of the country) (altho, not surprisingly, he was disappointed, because last year - when he took the same test in the village school - he received the "Best In School Certificate" too) (he is his father's son, it seems), he doesn't want to even redecorate his room - no new curtains, no lovely colour on the wall, he likes it plain (he really is his father's son); Smallest Person moved all the kittens to a dark spot under her bed, but then the mother cat moved them back to her chosen nest, SP now wants to rearrange the weekend evenings she spends at her father's so that she can have her best friend and another for a sleep over in her new bedroom. . .
and I'm just knackered; all on my own, in a little nook, bleating rather pathetically. . .
have a Crunchy folks
happy Friday. . .


Anonymous said...

Ripples? Or is it a cork screw that goes round and round but each revolution makes a small step forward?

Good afternoon? C:)

katherine. said...

great news about the new furniture and the kids academia!

keep all the boxes to go has always taken me a month or two to arrange things in a new place...

Rimshot said...

Happy (crunchies! Yay) Friday, dear I; both to you and all your wonderful webby friends.

As to you being 'all on [your] own', I think you know that not to be true. Silly human.

Dave said...

Sorry, I didn't say good morning this morning. I was feeling a bit stressed myself.

I may have found a house this afternoon, certainly the biggest one my budget can stretch to, but there's no way all my furniture is going to fit in, far less the books. Am now having to decide what I want to give away.

Would you like my fishtank?

I, like the view, still said...

well, dave, XCH is having the one I bought for the rented house - so no thanks, but thank you for your kind offer

I hope the house works out for you; no need to apologise at all - warm empathy is coming from south of the river in a big smokey city to your quiet corner of the country

shot I am indeed probably very silly

if one can juxtapose indeed and probably and if not, well I just did

katherine but where do I put them in the meantime. . .

craig your constant enthusiasm for life's challenges is inspiring

I hope you guys are having a good Friday


mig bardsley said...

Perhaps the boxes could stack into a table shape until you've got time for them.
Then you'd have somewhere to put some more things.
Whatever you want you must keep, regardless of whether you need it or not. Perhaps you could wrap them in waterproofs and dangle them over the edge of the roof garden?

Great that the furniture is coming after all and well done
The Teen and Middle One. And sleepovers for SP eh? :) Seal of approval I imagine :)

It all sounds very exhausting but really rather hopeful. Still you'll need some time to be on your own and bleat :) We all need that :)

Zabaglione was delicious by the way :)

Mel said...

If they'd not been sorely missed missed items I'da said 'put 'em in storage and buy time'.

I wonder what would happen if you just replaced items 'this for that' and packed up those things you've had in replacement for those things sorely missed......just an idea. Trade 'em for box space!

Sleep over, eh? :-)
(I can say that. It's not me getting to listen to the 3am giggling!) (though 3am giggling is kinda cool to hear!)

<--is REALLY glad the pillows will be matching the new furniture
I was kinda worried about those pillows.....LOL

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhhh........and dave might have a house!


Gosh......all sortsa stuff finding it's way into the lives of the people around me.....
This is a good thing!