now there's an interesting word

can you be out of a quandary?

or sitting next to a quandary, on a bench? can a quandary jump up from behind and scare the living daylights out of you? can a quandary swim lazily alongside you as you splash in a Cambridge water meadow on a hot summer day? does a quandary ever send you a gift, for no particular reason. . . have interesting conversations with you. . . make you feel ever so slightly happier because it's in your life. . . bring a smallish smile to your face. . . make you cringe with awkwardness. . .

what does a quandary feel like? is it gritty, oily, silky, do little shards of it break off into your skin as you touch it and make you bleed

does it have a smell? citrus, with a hint of vanilla that doesn't quite go, and perhaps a bluff charcoal note

it is very quiet, this quandary - it makes no sounds whatsoever: in fact, on the noise front, a quandary is the audible equivalent of a black hole, sucking in murmurings and cracklings and whistlings and hummings and buzzing from all around - at such a force that in their ambient backgroundness these rustlings almost become overwhelming; but the quandary itself is silence

what does it taste like? bittersweet, I can bet - really sharp and acidic, it makes you gasp for breath and yet at the same time you want more of its sickly sugaryness; strangely there is a crystal of salt in there too, melting on your tongue

it is deepest aubergine in colour, part matt part shiny

. . .or can you only ever be in a quandary?

because that is where I find myself, dear reader

yes, you (you!) (not you at the back, lurking (I know you're there, but I've given up worrying about your presence) ("silence is golden" and all that) (apart from the singing, of course) (you are off key) (way off)
(about the quandary, not the lurking hordes)
what do I do. . .
what do I do. . .
I don't know

so I'm going to do nothing (if in doubt, do nowt); and then, when I get bored of that, I'll have another think about it


Rimshot said...

I would imagine that doing 'nowt' will nowt (see what I did there?) get you OUT of a quandry...at least not without some outside assistance.

One must do the best they can or at the very least, do that which one can live with the consequences of (if you'll pardon my poor grammar)

Anonymous said...

Friday left me fumblin' with the blues
And it's hard to win when you always lose
the nightspots spend your spirit
Beat your head against the wall,
Two dead ends and you've still got to choose

You know the bartenders
They all know my name
And they catch me when I'm pulling a blame
I'm a pool-shootin-shimmy-shyster shaking my head
When I should be living clean instead

You know the ladies I've been seeing off and on
Well they spend your love and then they're gone
You came to love someone who is savage and cruel
They take your love and they leave on out of town
you know they do

Well now fallin' in love is such a breeze
But its stayin' in love that's so hard for me
I wanna squeeze you but I'm scared to death I'll break your back
You know your perfume
Well it won't let me be

You know the bartenders all know my name
And they catch me when I'm pulling a blame
And I'm a pool-shootin-shimmy-shyster shaking my head
When I should be living clean instead

Come on baby
Let your love light shine
You Gotta bury me inside of your fire
Your eyes are 'nough to blind me
You're like looking at the sun
You gotta whisper tell me I'm the one
Come on and whisper tell me I'm the one
Gotta whisper tell me I'm the one
Come on and whisper tell me I'm the one


Gordie said...

"What would we do?
Usually drink,
usually dance,
usually bubble..."

it is entirely possible you're just thinking too much.

I, like the view, still said...

so, what is my brain for then gordie?

craig you're the one

shot did you mean "one must do the best one can, or - at the very least - do that with consequences with which one can live"

(acutally, that is quite grammatically tricky, eh)(my version is no clearer than yours)

I, like the view, still said...

("one must do the best one can, or - at the very least - do that the consequences of which one can live with"??)(how am I ever going to get a job again! I used to be paid for this, and now I can't see the grammatical wood for the proverbial trees)

Mel said...

<--- has a bit of a quandry going on herself

And, of course, the answer for me is to buy time, buy time, buy time.

When in doubt, buy time!

<--had to look up 'nowt' to make sure it meant what I thought it meant LOL

And you feel bad about grammar? LOL

I, like the view, still said...

well, I knew I needed to go shopping (no, not retail therapy) and now I know what for

a little more time

hugs 'n' peacefilled thoughts for you, dearheart


Mel said...


** reminder to make spare keys, find hiding place AND get a cellphone clip

Add that to the list!

Rimshot said...

One must do the best one can, or - at the very least - do that of which on can live with the consequences.(???)

Gordie said...

Your brain is for pleasure and control, for imagination, appreciation and hand-eye co-ordination, and generally making sure that when you're searching for your heart's desire, you don't bump into things and hurt yourself.

(wordver = guvnr, another good use of the brain.


I, like the view, still said...

gordie no, I asked what my brain is for, you've described your brain

mine does none of those things

(and now I'm feeling a little less numb, all those things I bumped into a while back are really beginning to hurt)

shot interesting, the bit about living with the consequences

mel got sidetracked (no suprise there then, eh) and spent my annual clothing budget on pots and plants for the bijoux courtyard and a window box and some plants for SP's new window sill

but thanks for the reminder. . .

(what struck me as odd, whilst I was in the garden centre, musing, was how one can have an "annual clothing budget" but not a "gardening budget")(or "courtyard budget" in my case)

(and then I thought what an ungrateful cow I was; I mean I have a budget for chr*st's sake - which is a lot more than a lot of people, as XCH pointed out to me a few days ago)(a roof over my head, food in a fridge and a budget)

(*slaps self quite hard*)(ouch)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The Chinese consider quandaries/problems as opportunities. But I am sure that you know that.

You have created an excellent blog. Even with the posts that I have read tis afternoon, I am growing rather fond of the blog and you. I shall return.

I, like the view, still said...

the Chinese for chaos/danger = crisis + opportunity, in its calligraphic elements. . .

I did know that, you're right, my then singing teacher told me a few years ago

welcome SS Nick, and you'll be welcome back should you return

Gordie said...

"And if I wish
To stop it all
And if I wish
To comfort the fall
It´s just wishful thinking"


katherine. said...

I seem to go from one quandary to another....