bay, lavender, thyme

lavender, scabious, thymes, thrift

daisies, snapdragon, lilies, lavender

rusty antique butterflies and birds


mig bardsley said...

This looks like a little haven of beautiful, scented things. Thank you for showing us :)

Oooh Look! The word ver is me - etgmigib. (I don't now what the etg bit means though)

I, like the view, still said...

it's my little scrap of courtyard, between the living room, the breakfast room and the kitchen

it's full of twinkly lights too, when it's dark!


Mel said...

OH! Pick me, pick me!!

<--wants to have a wander about when the twinkley lights are on!

*happy sigh*
It's really an inviting space, yaknow.

I see a pinwheel! :-)

mig bardsley said...

Oh! twinkly lights as well :) totally cool and wonderful.