pinch punch

first of the month* and so on

. .
not that I want to appear miserable or anything. . .

but I am really not a happy bunny right now; take it all with the proverbial salt tho, eh; or something stronger** if you so wish. . .
(**that'll be the cinammon. . .)
*blast! I can't even get that right; it's not the first. . .


Dave said...

That's all right, we'll save it for tomorrow.

Did your carpet get laid safely?

Mel said...

Is TOO the first of the month!

(is in Austrailia!)

And just so ya know--there's a couple of unhappy bunnies over here, too.

The neighbour put a fence around the peas in his garden.
Mr. Bunny was munching on his corns in our yard last evening and he was lookin' all kindsa forlorned.

<--has wire cutters and Mr. Bunny knows it

(((((((( ILTV ))))))))))

I, like the view, still said...

dave evntually they phoned to say, suprise surprise, it was "on a van" somewhere between Holland, the West Midlands and their depot

having lost all the furniture, my heart sank

then they rang back to say it was probably on a van somewhere between the Midlands and London

so I got on with the egg-shelling of the skirting boards

then they rang back to say they would fit it "possibly Friday, maybe Monday"

I made SP's bed (well, assembled, to be accurate) and unpacked some boxes of her belongings (which I'll have to pack up again on Monday)(if they turn up, that is)

I wonder if they'll come on Monday. . . I miss SP! she's been at her father's for the duration

mel I think I'd be happer if I was sitting in a garden munching fresh vegetables, actually


Vicus Scurra said...

Only Dave could make an enquiry about the laying of carpets without a smutty innuendo.
Please let me know if there is a filth shortage here, and I will try to rectify it.

I, like the view, still said...

his innuendo exhausts me, to be perfectly honest, I have trouble keeping up with it

bet it's no trouble for him to keep it up tho

thanks for your kind offer, dear vicus - but there is plenty of filth here already

what I am in need of is some kind of suction vacuum machine to remove it all (or you could pop over in a pinny with a duster if you fancy)

sorry!! getting all confused - you were possibly referring to my muscial box, not my new abode. . .

Dave said...

That's what all the girls say about me.

ziggi said...

June is a smiling month when carpets arrive and are fitted, the sun shines and each day is another day - that's progress

I, like the view, still said...

zigz thanks for the hugs 'n' kisses hon

am in need of those muchly right now

dave only the girls?

Gordie said...

This blog is now ranked number 14 on Google for 'get laid safely'.

I, like the view, still said...

no it's not

unless your google is different to my google

I, like the view, still said...

(there's no such thing as a safe lay, anyhow; unless one is referring to free range eggs)

Mel said...


Oh look......a chicken!

Well, sorta....
You were talkin' eggs and it just sorta blossomed from there.
Go figure! LOL

Gordie said...

I'LTV - made ya look ;-)

mel - which one came first?