oil of cloves

I have been swallowing
pain killers
by the bucket load
for the past two weeks. . .

not the emotional ones, some physical ones. . .
for head ache, face ache, tooth ache

I've been so busy with the Five Guys and their demands and the buildering, plumbering, electricianing, furniture and money disappointments, not to say the ongoing trauma of POVS and Xs, and so totally exhausted, in general, with putting on a brave face (ha ha ha) and soldiering on that I've put off the necessary evil

*note to self*
with your dental history,
do not put off dental visits

late yesterday afternoon I was lying on the sofa in agony and asked The Teen to make me a cup of tea (last time he did this he forgot to boil the kettle, so I mumbled instructions to him before he went into the kitchen - clear and explicit instructions, despite my face - and hoped for the best)

a while later (it was all a little bit of a pain induced/pain killer fog at the time, could have been hours) he brought me a cup of something that looked like filthy dishwater, but seeing as I don't have any other man/person at my beck and call in times of dire need - and that he isn't really "at my beck and call" - I didn't complain

g*d knows what he did with it, but when I had slurped my way to the bottom I found the tea bag and all the undissolved sugar

stupidly I swallowed the last mouthful and then it occur ed to me I could continue no longer

when I explained the effects that that last sweet dreg had had on my aching face to my lovely dentist first thing this morning (thank goodness for emergency appointments) he said "right then, I'll just take the root out NOW" and did his best

*note to self*
stop wearing mascara that isn't waterproof

it's started raining again; I'm thousands of pounds down, have no nice new furniture and lots of now useless cushions, due to the receivership issues; the Five Guys are doing far too good a job on my ramshackle new house and it's plunging me into the financial red; the new shower for the boys turned up on time, but the crucial part had been misdelivered and now I have to wait for the plumbing shop to sort themselves out; the whole house needs rewiring but I can't afford to do that; the burglar alarm blew on Saturday night and now all the new neighbours hate me, but altho it came close the house didn't burn down - the smoke damage was restricted to the cupboard containing my new bedlinen; and I'm totally overdrawn emotionally. . .

(which still hurts more than I
thought/expected/would like to be feeling)

. . .and all I can taste is the clove dressing that the dentist put on my mouth

in the medicine cabinet at home when I was growing up were various small, really old fashioned bottles. . . for mouth ulcers and tooth ache there were tiny bottles of Tincture of Myrrh and Oil of Cloves

funny how smells take you back