Steg said...

Good morning!

From the public library, sadly.

Mel said...


And a good morning to YOU!

How could you not love that photo?!


Anonymous said...

Good morning!! C:)

I, still, ♥ the views said...

steg yeay for the public library!! and internet cafes and anything that connects us at times of disconnectedness. . .

but I do know it's a bit sad not to be in the comfort of your own home


mel I finally worked out what you meant by "picassa web thingy". . . (I think the "thingy" is my description, not yours)



good morning, craig - it is, you know. . .


Mel said...

Does that mean you found the lost?!

Oh, that'd be a really cool thing....

I, still, ♥ the views said...

. . .some of 'em

and some is good



Mel said...

Some is very good!

(sometimes some is excellent!)

Sometimes 'more' is a pain in the rearend..LOL

Mel said...


G'morning and happy Wednesday to you!

mig bardsley said...

I shall sleep better for that :) thank you :)
And good morning and a happy Thursday to you :)