me me me me me meme (w/ thanks 2 KAZ)

it's got something to do with
only I can't remember quite what, see five is a very special number

and it's distracted me, momentarily

did you know that five is special? you have five body parts coming off your torso because we are all basically evolved from a five legged starfish - only the mouth and guts part (which would have been in the middle of the body cavity of a star fish) worked its way along into one of the original legs and became slightly more specialised. . .
the middle section of the body where the five parts met, then had to get bigger to accommodate the digestive tracts of the gut as it developed and the associated organs, liver and kidneys; and the breathing apparatus, lungs; and the one thing that keeps the whole lot going, heart; and the bit that told the mouth if what was going into it was good or bad split into two - a tasting smelling thinking brain and a sitting around full-of-acid-stomach, and each of those went their own way. . .
I like starfish

all those arms/legs
to wrap around each other
when your mouthes meet

and no brain to get in the way and screw it up!
I found a pile of dead starfish on a beach in Goa once the fishermen had picked them up in their nets and didn't want them, no nutritional value it would seem, so threw them away; I took them home and bleached the fishy smell out, then covered them in sweetie wrappers and chocolate foils and threaded thin wire adorned with beads around the legs; then I made them into xmas cards with a decoration you could remove and hang on your tree (some people thought the starfishes were made of chocolate and unwrapped them hoping to eat them) (YUK)
but I'm distracted and rambling, and I suspect I've written all this before
I'll think about KAZ's meme and report back. . .


Mel said...

G'morning, ma'am.

Mighta written about the starfish deal--but I don't think I'd heard about the ornaments before......
...'ick' that someone would actually try to eat one...and 'pooh' that they'd undo such prettiness to do it.

Rimshot said...

I'm certain that you have some sort of fossil record as proof of this starfish ancestory, right? I'm guessing that additional starfish attached to the ends of four of the five appendages and fused together somehow to give us our ten fingers and toes?

Vicious, slow motion killers those starfish, digesting their live prey over days.

I, like the view, still said...

ick and poo just about sums it up for me right now. . .

. . .good thing somethings are coming to an end and the new beginning is just about in sight

hope the Thursday fuzzies aren't as bad as last week


Rimshot said...

I'm cranky today. :-(

Rimshot said...


If you haven't gotten around to approving my earlier comments, please just disregard and delete them.

I fear my foul mood may have colored my thoughts.

1,000,000 apologies for my lack of couth