It's a human sign
When things go wrong
When the scent of her lingers
And temptation's strong

Into the boundary
Of each married man
Sweet deceit comes calling
And negativity lands

Cold cold heart
Hard done by you
Some things look better baby
Just passing through

And it's no sacrifice
Just a simple word
It's two hearts living
In two separate worlds
But it's no sacrifice
No sacrifice
It's no sacrifice at all

Mutual misunderstanding
After the fact
Sensitivity builds a prison
In the final act
We lose direction
No stone unturned
No tears to damn you
When jealousy burns

But it's no sacrifice at all


Mel said...

....cuz I like this one...and I'm thinkin' I can play it realllllllll quiet---it'd be a good hummin' song for the sunrise, dontchathink?

*clicking link*

I, still, ♥ the views said...

yeah, lovely for humming to. . .

and I hope the sun rises and the rain stays away for you


Mel said...

We had sunshine--and the whole while I watched it through the windows of the car and the windows at work.


The sun will find me one day soon, no doubt.
Until then......I'll hope it's with you.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

it's about the only thing that is with me right now

apart from a nasty old sofa (and I was just sitting in my lovely swing seat - yeay! I have a swing seat! - and realised why I hate that sofa so much: it represents everything that was bad about my relationship with XCH. . . maybe I'll just go to a junk shop and buy someone else's hated sofa, that I don't know the history of)

still sunny here, it will get to you soon



Gordie said...

What? XCH was gay? When did you find out?

I, still, ♥ the views said...



(just cos he doesn't fancy me, doesn't mean he is gay)

don't understand

this was about someone else. . . or maybe it was just random. . . because sometimes, things are meaningless. . .

how do you know what the lyrics mean anyhow?!


Gordie said...

I know that when a gay man sings "the smell of her lingers", chances are he's not as happy as I would be.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

yeah, but, see I was reading the lyrics as me

a heterosexual (altho, admittedly, not at the moment, unless Patrick comes up trumps) woman. . . to whom smell means shampoo, cologne or perfume, lovely bathing oils, toothpaste or chewing gum, the beautiful smell of a man who barely sweats. . .


and if he knew he was gay at the time, what was he doing sniffing around women? that's just silly