if at first you don't succeed. . .

the only person whose number I knew was XCH

(that says something; well a few things - one of them being I need to memorise some more numbers) (do you remember the days when you'd know people's numbers? automatically? I think using a mobile is making me lazy; either that or my brain is getting as old as the rest of me feels) (and looks)

being eXcellent, he came to my rescue: skimmed some small stones (gravel from an as yet unknown neighbour's garden) from the street up to the top so they bounced gently off the window at an angle that was not going to shatter the glass

eventually Middle One looked out

eventually it occurred to him that his father wasn't standing in the street throwing stones up at the window for fun and his mother wasn't standing in the street with no shoes on for either her own amusement or that of the curious passers-by and the as yet unknown neighbours

eventually it occurred to him to stop smiling out of the window at us and open the window and see what was up

he is a lovely child

a while later he told me "I heard something tapping at the window, and wondered what it was, but dismissed it as probably not important"

I was fairly exhausted and went to bed early

a few hours later the house phone rang - noone knows the number, I thought, apart from XCH and it wasn't him. . .

. . .at one o'clock I was on the doorstep again (this time with the doormat propping it open) (she learns from her mistakes, this girl) (some of them, anyhow) "rescuing" an International Man of Mystery. . .

. . .who I thought went to bed early

(did I mention I was tired?)


Mel said...


Omgosh, what an adventurous kinda moment.

Ya know, I had that same thought about cellphones and automatic dialing yesterday.
I tried really hard to recall a few numbers of people that really matter to me....and couldn't.
Not even the sister who's had the same number for years.

Of course, I didn't expect to remember the girls number---she changes it more often than she changes her underwear. LOL k.....that's not true, but STILL...

((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))

**reminder to make multiple spare keys**

Mel said...

** reminder to make multiple spare keys

** reminder to find/create a hiding place for emergencies

** reminder to purchase cellphone clip holder thingy

ziggi said...

I hope you directed him to a park bench! He needs the practice you know!

sorrow11 said...

Oh it's nap time for sure!

craig andrew said...

When I was a kid I became an expert at changing window panes. My father bought a whole stack of new ones and kept them near the window we would break when we forgot our keys... along with a big tub of window putty. When we got to the last pane in the stack, my brother and I figured that if we didn't putty the window all the way around we could just remove the pane instead of brake it....

Long story short - they don't make windows that way anymore... all that learning out the ...window? C:/

I hope all is well. C:)

mig bardsley said...

Phew! I'm so glad you're back in!

I've never been good at remembering numbers. I had to practise them every so often.
Now I'm going to go and hide a key somewhere.
S'got to be somewhere a burglar wouldn't think of (so that's all the places I could think of) and also a place which I can remember - so no numbers!

Dave said...

I'm sure any International Man of Mystery would be grateful for the use of a sofa bed in the early hours of the morning in a strange city.

dinahmow said...

I opened my email at 5.45am (don't ask!) and there was a WHOLE BOXFUL of notifications from you.SO, by the time I'd skipped through them and had breakfast and made lunch and organised The Man...no time to comment til now.
Craig's comment made me splutter coffee and I can't toop that.
Is this sufficient?

katherine. said...

I was thinking earlier....you made friends with the people at the Pub? that could be advantageous after all....

Dave said...


Mel said...

*seconding dave*

Indeed it is morning....

Spare keys?
Hiding spot?
Cellphone clip?


<---thinkin' aboutcha

007and a half said...

Good grief, I am tired simply "reading" about your adventures. I hope all is well and that you are enjoying half term (yay!)

I, like the view, still said...

oh oh if you're tired, imagine how exhausted I am. . .

no, actually don't

(yes, and half term on top of the house move and everything else)

mel please keep reminding me - today I had a leaking broken loo (the boys' new bathroom)(ho hum) to deal with, finishing off SP's room - the egghshelling of the woodwork and unpacking of boxes - then, the non arrival of her carpet and window-blinds. . .

(so, despite my best efforts, she peeked in and then went back to stay at her dad's)(ho hum)

but please keep reminding me

dave evening

katherine it could be; they are all really nice; and it's a funky low-key up-beat kinda pub, not a horrible old beery traditional pub full of miserable people

dinah your very presence is sufficient, your words are the jewel in the crown

dave I'm pretty sure, you'd hope so anyway - wouldn't you?

mig hmmmmmmmmm indeed, I have the same problem - where

craig what a great story - but you ran out of panes before you ran out of putty? all is not well, but bits of it are getting there (in their own time); thanks tho

sorrow is it still nap time? I hope so

ziggz didn't even have the chance to show him the roof terrace - just as well, he might have gotten up to all sorts of mischief if I had

mel just keep on reminding me until I do it