Mel said...


You're GOOD!

<--still have boxed stuff stored from the move yearrrrrssss ago

Dave said...

So you don't fancy moving to the Orkneys then?

I, like the view, still said...

dave, if I moved to a croft in the Orkneys, which is currently a very appealing proposition I have to say, all I'd take is a pair of knitting needles


mel, erm, ok, the only things out of a box are the pc and the internet cable (which I didn't lose!!); and, by some small miracle, the minute I plugged the cable in. . .

ta-da, I was hooked up to the most wonderful people I know instantly!


Malc said...

I could do with some new socks.

Beautiful hot sunshine in Orkney today. Animals are fed and I'm just off outside with the G&Ts for myself and Sal. Sun shimmering on the sea, oystercatchers, fulmars, snipe, curlews, skuas, kittiwakes overhead, not dark 'til 11pm. . . makes up for the rough winters.

Anyway, I thought you were saying goodbye, or did I misunderstand?

Anonymous said...

Everything always seems to work when we are in the right spot... it's funny like that. C:)

Mel said...

Ta da!!

And I can't tell ya how overjoyed I am to know the internet cable didn't get lost!


Welcome to your new home!

I, like the view, still said...

malc actually, I can knit socks (and I have some lovely stripey sock yarn!) and when I eventually realised my life's ambition and start crofting I shall have sheep and learn how to mow them and then I'm set (cos I already know how to card fleece, and spin, and dye with plants - one of the reason I like lichen. . .)

sounds lovely where you are, it's tipping buckets here

moved from rented house to one that now belongs to me; didn't know if I'd make it thru to be perfectly honest and if I didn't wanted to leave something to be remembered by (XCH came to the rescue - he's a brick)

craig well, the electrics are somewhat perculiar, none of the light switches seem to turn the lights on (that might mean I need to change bulbs tho); the plumbing leaves rather a lot to be desired, all the taps drip and none of them work how I expect (you know, off/on, hot/cold); haven't had one new neighbour pop over with a cup of sugar, altho the landlord of my new local did tell me that XCH and the boys/girl and an unidentified woman had been in for Sunday lunch (I went in at dinner time, as I had no food in the fridge and thought I'd treat myself to a quiet dinner in a dark corner and read a little in a nice leather sofa). . .

. . .but it does kinda feel OK!

mel me too, honey, me too! and welcome to you as well - I'll do a guided tour at some stage (when I've unpacked)

XXX to you all and thanks for joining me


Mel said...


Anonymous said...

All that is just more opportunity to make that house your home. Just like how my old truck didn't become my truck until I had to tie up some of the wiring with duct-tape.

Usually, leaky faucets are cheap and easy to fix, just need to replace the gaskets and washers. C:)

I, like the view, still said...

that's what I thought (but it didn't sound as techincal as that!)

I'm making it mine. . . already


(feels good, so far)

Steg said...

Never moving house again? I hear you! And if I never see another cardboard box or sheet of bubblewrap, it'll be too soon.