from a different back step

altho I have no garden, in the traditional sense (I do have a rather splendid roof terrace and a small but perfectly formed courtyard) other houses in the street I where I now live, and that backing onto it, do

(have gardens)

there is a tiny oasis of green (clearly visible from the roof, given that the trees and lawns and shrubs are surrounded on all sides by bricks and mortar and on one by a towering concrete jungle)

ah! the birdsong emanating from this little patch of heaven. . .

a joy to listen to, from my new back step in the four-high-cornered bijoux courtyard of my new home (picture to follow) (but don't hold your breath)

(the courtyard has a little scrap of sky high above, if you look up, for a roof - it reminds me of a miniature prison exercise yard during the day, but at night I turn the fairy lights on and the small space is transformed. . .) (I digress)

other sounds are different - I'm probably not even half a mile from the rented house as the proverbial crow flies (altho given my proximity to the river, it's more likely to be a seagull) but the planes seem to be much much higher on their flight path into Heathrow and I can barely hear them

the underground trains going overground on the tube line, high up on its many-arched perch behind the houses on the other side of the street, rumble past in a very reassuring fashion (the house doesn't even shake); at night, the lights in the carriages and the sparks from the wheels flash at me from the gaps inbetween the houses - as if flickering some message or other into the bedroom mirror

there is no screaming teething baby (that I can hear anyhow) in the house next door; no un/happily moaning Downs Syndrome boy or his ever chirrupy sister and their very patient parents in the house on the other side; no primary school playground filling up with noisy children and their bell-ringing teachers behind; no short-cut traffic driving at speed along the street in front

it's quite quiet actually

apart from the trains and the birdsong


Mel said...


Yep, definitely James Taylor kinda moment.....and I'm imagining the transformation come the darkness of night--fairy lights and stars....*happy sigh*

Oh, what a glorious piece of peace.

I, like the view, still said...



Mel said...

Yup....thinkin' I like the rooftop deal......with fairy lights.....

mig bardsley said...

So beautifully described, I feel as if I could step onto the roof garden from here :) In fact I will! (Got any coffee?)

mig bardsley said...

If I may, that is :)