when you read that word,
what springs to mind?

my mind goes straight to the literal semantic de-liberate, as in remove someone's freedom. . . then it kind of wanders about the thought of the verb, as in"deliberating over a problem or an issue", and then lands fair and square in the adverbial patch of not being responsible, as in (the often defensive, frequently wingeing, sometimes whining) "I didn't do it deliberately. . ."


whether you did or did not do something deliberately, you are still responsible for the consequences of your actions, right. . .


. . .yeah, that's what I thought

but then, as is much of life, it's a learning curve - taking responsibility is a learning curve - for how the consequences impinge on yourself, as much as how they affect other people. . .

sometimes that requires courage, sometimes resilience, sometimes determination, sometimes just pure and simple acceptance

and then, perhaps once that is where one finds oneself, one can then "let go" and "move on"

when I write here,
very little of it is "deliberate"

it's more a "stream of consciousness" thing - I spent a few years blogging about subjects and topics that bothered me, provoked me or interested me. . . I seem to have moved on somewhat and now just write about what is in my head (and what those thoughts provoke: mainly music apparently!) or even just the simplicity of what I've been up to in my daily life (which is pretty mundane now, since I quit the band and no longer go bookbinding)

I quite like/need simplicity tho, in the same way as some people quite need/like complexity

which reminds me: right now my immediate needs are very very simple - I need fags and coffee!

I hope whatever your needs are today,
simple or complex,
that you are able to meet them
that you have someone in your life
who can help you with that

I very much hope
that you enjoy your day


Mel said...

Well, gosh.


*humming theme from The Twilight Zone*

Mel said...

And WAIT a minute?!


*shaking head*

Certainly you jest......

I'll strive for the simple, but you KNOW I can complicate the simple..just sayin'.....

Oh, and deliberate=purposeful and willful.
But that's after the 'I ain't responsible' thought...but I'm guessin' that has to do with the experiences I've been having with other human beings as of late, dangitall.....

Anonymous said...


mig bardsley said...

For a while I thought the word you were musing upon so interestingly was 'lan-guage'.

This made me wonder if my mind had gone the way of my inner ear!

Eventually I caught up :)

So where is this mundanity of which you speak? Or am I getting mixed up again?

katherine. said...

I like to be deliberate. Do things with intent.

I never thought about de-liberate. hmmm

and I agree with the above...never mundane!