one of my favourite piano pieces, ever. . .

6:14 is one of the sections I like most of all .

from 1:14/2:55 does it for me in this movement (think I first heard it in the soundtrack to some film of a book)
there is a part four,
but I won't bore you with that. . .
this however is fascinating -
some musicians really get funky in their later years eh!
(unless he was funky to start with, of course)

(I was brought up with Daniel Barenboim version. . .)


Mel said...

Now that was thoroughly enjoyable, thanksmuchly...

I, still, ♥ the views said...


mig bardsley said...

It is a pretty bit :)
I once bought a box set of the complete concertos played by Klemperer. (vinyl) From a charity shop for £10!

mig bardsley said...

Ooh, I like that Freidrich Gulda! He made the music dance :)
And he looked as though he was enjoying it!