I was outta sugar - no problem: used the remains of the icing sugar

drank tea with no sugar, when the icing sugar ran out. . .

drank coffee for a while (don't take sugar in that)

ran out of milk. . . black coffee is OK

ran out of coffee beans, switched to Nescafe


kept going for a while, on the basis that "beggars can't be choosers" (one of my mother's favourite sayings, one of her others being "WHO IS SHE? the cat's mother?????" when as a small child I couldn't remember someone's name. . .)

and now disaster has struck*

(*is "has struck" grammatically correct? where, oh where is vicus when one needs him)

well, it did about an hour ago

ran out of fags

have to finally get dressed and go to the shops (which is possibly a good thing, since I ran out of food for myself and the cat about two days ago. . .)(and seeing as I'm a woman, I can multi-task and buy fags and cat food)

I imagine I'll return. . .

(imagination is a wonderful thing)
have a good day everybody!


Rimshot said...

I suppose 'she' is related to the ubiquitous 'they' that seem to say everything.

I do hope you eventually get to enjoy a proper cup of coffee or tea with the correct proportion of the correct sweetener and/or dilutant this fine day.

As always, the very best of good mornings to you and your kith.

Dave said...


I'm trying really hard not to get addicted to the strong painkillers I have to take.

I really don't like being dependent on anything (or anyone, come to that). Independence isn't necessarily a good thing, I know.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

addictions - yeah, well, the best said about that the better as far as I'm concerned right now

but I have been experimenting with my various meds in various combinations to see if I can get a good night's sleep

hasn't worked so far


(not out of boredom, she adds)

and as for dependence or independence. . . I currently have three who depend on me, so apparently I have to keep it all together rather than choosing hysteria as the next best option

I, still, ♥ the views said...

that was supposed to read "least said"

blame the meds, I am

Steg said...

Someone could possibly make a small fortune, or at least a pretty good living by running a Cigarette Delivery Service. "40 Gauloises, Madam? No problem, be with you in 10 minutes."

Mel said...

Nope.....I'da been to the store before the beans ran out. LOL

Can't be outta coffee!
Will NOT be outta coffee.

Ummmmmm.....this is why himself keeps six large cans of coffee in the pantry.
We were down to four and he couldn't risk it. LOL

(obviously knows what it looks like when Mel runs outta coffee..LOL)

Mel said...

And I'm soooooooo glad you found your 'heart'.


Mangonel said...

I'm working on somehting involving Eton and Larry Grayson, but no luck so far. I'll get back to you.

ziggi said...

does that comment by Mango mean something understandable? ? ?

are you all lit up now? I imagine you much like Audrey with a long ciggie holder and looking devastating :)

Gordie said...

Mmmm, Ziggi, that is such a sexy inage.

Anonymous said...

still haven't been shopping. Tescos frightened of me. Smell of park. Need food. Got chocolate though, so all is well.

mig bardsley said...

Last time this particular kind of disaster struck me I had tobacco but NO PAPERS. Searched every draw and cupboard and shelf and box and heap of stuff and old handbag in the house.
Worse, the car was at the garage and it's two miles to the nearest shop!

I had a good day thank you. I do hope your expedition was successful and that you and the cat are now fed and tea-d and coffee-d and have had a peaceful fag. With sugar.
Not necessarily in that order :)