whenever is one "in kilter?"

*goes off to look the etymology of the word up*

*returns. . .
. . .a little bit wiser!*

Dictionary: kilter (kĭl'tər)

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n. good condition; proper form: “policy ‘adjustments’ designed to bring the . . . country's economy back into kilter with the Western economic system” (Edward Zuckerman) [Origin unknown.]

(let's assume that that is origin unknown of the word,
I mean we all know who Ed is, right?)

Thesaurus: kilter (noun)

a state of sound readiness: condition, fettle, fitness, form, order, shape, trim; see better/worse

*thinks: sounds like our dave!*
(and craig, malc, gordie, shot. . .)
(most of you, in fact)

Translations: kilter

Dansk (Danish) n. - i orden
Nederlands (Dutch)goede/gewone staat
Français (French) n. - (Typ) alignement, état de marche (d'une machine)
Deutsch (German) n. - Ordnung, geregelter Gang
Ελληνική (Greek) n. - ευταξία, τάξη, καλή λειτουργία
Italiano (Italian) buono stato
Português (Portuguese) n. - bom estado (coloq.)
Русский (Russian) порядок, полная исправность
Español (Spanish) n. - orden, arreglo, buena condición
Svenska (Swedish) n. - funktion
中文(简体) (Chinese (Simplified)) 良好状态, 平衡, 顺利
中文(繁體) (Chinese (Traditional)) n. - 良好狀態, 平衡, 順利
한국어 (Korean) n. - 호조, 정상상태, 순조
日本語 (Japanese) n. - 好調, 正常な状態
العربيه (Arabic) ‏(الاسم) في حاله جيده‏
עברית (Hebrew) n. - ‮תקינות, מצב טוב‬

I'm sooooooooooooo glad they included the Simplified Chinese, my Traditional being slightly rusty these days. . .

. . .well! that was an education
how's your kilter today?


mig bardsley said...

Definitely out of it I'm afraid.
But very glad I can now say it in traditional chinese.
Well write it.
Well I could at least copy and paste it.

Gordie said...

Well, combover and bilge!

I, still, ♥ the views said...

I'm in good company then, mig


gordie please explain yourself (or is this another MP moment that escapes me?)


Vicus Scurra said...

The latter, as I suspect that you know, but more importantly it is "etymology" with 2 ys. From 'Etty Grimsdyke, famous 19th Century Lancashire pedant.

I, still, ♥ the views said...

I stand corrected

(can one stand in cyber space. . .)

thank you, kind sir

Rimshot said...

I've been unable to locate the lass who sewed kilts that I used to know in the biblical sense. So I suppose, until she's found, I shall be off kilter.

And I aways new it was that Lancashire lot starting all the trouble. They're probably the one's who added the 'U's to color and parlor and humor and such.

Mel said...

Wayyyyyyyyyy off kilter and trying to breathe, thanksforaskin'.....


(......mostly.....I think......)

dinahmow said...

Out of kilter...something my mother said. Often.