the 154th Boat Race

while we were waiting,
everyone else was too. . .

it was very rainy and windy -
too much for this brolly:

then, it was time. . .
under starters orders:
and as if by magic,
a huge roar went up from the crowd:

within seconds the crews were disappearing
around the first bend:

which left me trying to work out
where my new roof terrace was amongst this lot:

(the tube line runs along to the west of the new house,
so I guess it's somewhere in the middle at the top)


Mel said...'s that time again?

We saw geese paddlin' around at the pond yesterday.
I was bankin' on the chubby one getting to the shore first.
Wouldn't ya know it didn't turn out that way.

Good thing I'm not a bettin' woman, huh?

What a great rooftop view!
What a discovery with the phone camera!

Gordie said...

Where did you take those pictures? Did you watch the boat race from a hot air balloon?

Rimshot said...

Who won?

mig bardsley said...

Wow! What a view :)
I love trying to see where things are on the ground when I'm high up.
And so clever you! I've never even attempted to put my phone and the internet together - I don't even know if the phone can do it!

dinahmow said...

Ooh! Boat Race! Thankyou!