it was almost 24 years ago today. . .

when I was hanging out in New York City, the Lower East Side (not a very nice neighbourhood back then), with some friends I'd made when I'd lived on the Upper West Side the year before. . .

they introduced me to this weird woman, who was the PA of some even weirder woman

who sang this fab tune

which still rings true for me, time after time


Dave said...

24 years ago it was 1984, and we were waiting to hear from Big Brother.

Mind you, 24 years ago, I was only 13, so what do I know?

mig bardsley said...

It is beautiful.

(Well we got Big brother Dave, though not quite as Orwell imagined it)

007and a half said...

Goodness, Dave gets younger by the day, doesn't he?

I hope you are doing fine, ILTV. I have little time to blog (what with no housekeeper at the moment, so I'm scraping by with a cleaner, a dogwalker and a nanny) but think of you fondly and hope it's all going ok.

Mel said...

That was 24 years ago?


No way.

I, still, like the views said...

way, mel, way

*exasperated sigh*

but look where we are now and what we have

*she added, cheerfully*

cyber chum I think very fondly of you too XX

mig it is :-)

what did you know when you were 13dave? the mind boggles

Mel said...

Well, then--happy 24th birthday to the song!

24 years?!

No way.
Yeah, yeah....I know...WAY!