(photos to follow)

I found a great new use for over large sparkly glass Christmas baubles!

they are now in the spaces between the spring plants I put in the strip of soil in the back yard (actually, it's about a back 16 square yards I reckon) (I had a debate about the number of bags of compost I'd need for the strip of soil with the man in the garden shop, I reckoned his counter top was about the same size, so we agreed on four bags; we were right)

in the old house, they used to hang all year around from the banister rails into the hall, and various children would find it virtually impossible to walk up or down the stairs without knocking them together (you know, like those old fashioned "executive stress relieving" cat's cradles?)


actually, I've just looked it up
(I'm getting mixed up, no surprise there then)
this is a
cat's cradle:

I was thinking of a Newton's Cradle:

presumably called such because there is
no such thing
perpetual motion
(apart from love
the ramblings of a million million minds
on a million million blogs)

I digress, back to the plot:

they'd been in a box in the cellar, but I'd brought them out - only then not had a place to hang them, they are so huge

so now they are amongst the daffs and the primroses and the primulas and the pansies and violas. . .

and a photo will follow (the instruction manual is quite complicated :-( but I'll wade my way thru it; funny how in the old days all a gal needed to to keep the house ticking over was to be able to re-wire a plug and change the odd light bulb, and unblock the sink or the loo, understand the value of rubbing down chipped paint on woodwork with two different grades of sandpaper and the value of really careful undercoating before you put the top gloss on*. . . and now one has to understand all this technology)

*that is akin to an effective strategy for really good mental health, isn't it? (people who have never suffered from depression will not understand, and those that have may not either - but there you go!)


Dave said...


I, still, like the views said...


was going to write about "pulling oneself together" but I'll save that for your return


and hopefully by then I'll have read the instruction manual for the cameraphonethingy and will be able to download some photos. . .


Ivy said...

Your picture of the string cats cradle brought back many memories of hours spent doing that in primary school days. We were content with simple toys/amusements in those days weren`t we?

ziggi said...

can't wait for the pics, that sounds lovely! Glad you're HD is such a good HD ;-)

Mel said...

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))


I like baubles in a garden.
(And I'm thinking I like that HD.)

((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))

Dash said...

Well, I can't wire a plug but you have just reminded me that I need to go and buy some light bulbs.


I, still, like the views said...

dash I'm useful like that sometimes. . . (take the old ones with you, is my advice, if you need it [the advice]- I always come home with the wrong ones cos there are so many variations, and hence have drawers full of the wrong lightbulbs)(that sounds a little like a Wallace and Grommit film. . .)

cool new avatar! X

mel he's actually a human! (that's a first for me in the HD department) thanks for the hugs, need those right now

zigs looks kinda funky, but might not work in a garden that get regularly stomped on by a horse. . .

ivy I love cat's cradling, and skipping - all those traditional things :-)

Rimshot said...

sorry I'm a bit late to the party

I now have Sade singing in my head. I hope she doesn't expect a royalty.

mig bardsley said...

I used to have a string of little, silver, Christmas bells. They were the only Christmas decorations I wasn't glad to see the back of after it was past. If they hadn't gone missing one year, they could have gone in the garden :)
It's no good! I have to go and see if I remember how to do a cat's cradle. They were stress relieving too :)

dinahmow said...

See...I said it sometimes takes me a while to catch up. But it's aleways(sounds like I'm a hop head - I mean always!)delighted and invariably led down another road by yyour analogies or poems.
Yes, please learn how to post pics!I want to see your sparkly garden.(I once tried tinsel as a bird scarer - it worked for a few minutes!)