*peacefilled thoughts*

Ever, ever
Stir and shiver

The reeds and rushes
By the river

Ever, ever,
As if in dream,

The lone moon's silver
Sleeks the stream.

What old sorrow,
What lost love




Dream you of?


ziggi said...

where do you find all these beautiful pictures and verses?

certainly a treat for us all.

mig bardsley said...

Oh wow!!!!
Lovely, absolutely lovely :)
thank you.

Mel said...


"Oh wow" sums it up for me, too.


Rimshot said...

What makes a reed diff'rnt from a rush?

mig bardsley said...

Ah! rushes are like big, flat bladed grass with stems for the seed heads growing from the base of the plant. Reeds have tall hollow stems with feathery heads and the leaves grow from the stem, flag like.
Now I'm going to go and look them up as this may be complete nonsense :)