myths. . .


was famous for his heel,
wasn't he. . .

. . .we all have our
vulnerable points,
I guess

one of my favourite
stories is
Daedalus and Icarus

"remember your limitations"
said father to son
more on this
and other fantastic thoughts

have a good day


Malc said...

I always wondered why Achilles' mother didn't dip his heel in the River Styx after dipping the rest of him. A shocking oversight and a lapse in parental care if you ask me.

Have a good day yourself.

I, still, like the views said...


Mel said...

Oh.....*waiting to see what's in the magical music box*

(which is a clue that when we studied mythology in high school I was busy paying attention to other things LOL)

By chance Mr. Crabby Pants watched 'Troy' the other evening.
Cabin fever.

Rimshot said...

It was before they had those big strainers, I think.

More puzzling, if the heel was his weak point, why not armor that baby up a bit?

Have a most glorious and shining Midweek all!

Anonymous said...

What I don't know is how a cut on the heal could kill a guy.

I'm thinking more of Sisyphus these days anyway.


Anonymous said...

Why did achilles go into battle with no pants on? Was it to scare the others away? 'cause I don't think he's quite impressive enough for that...

Casdok said...

Great post!! Lol!

I, still, like the views said...

casdok ta :-)

horse awwwww, c'mon hon, size doesn't count. . . you know that, surely! (anyhow, tongues are far more important)


craig a cut on the heal, as in healing?; or a cut on the heel?; what I like is how to reduce a Greek myth to one word:

achilles = vulnerable
icarus = limitations
sisyphus = (*insert word of your choice*)


shot are your weak points armoured then!?! mine sure aren't


mel it's fun: music and myths, huh!


Rimshot said...

oh luv, I'm one big weak point, but emotionally, I'm armored up and ready for anything.

mig bardsley said...

There now and I thought Achilles was just looking at a run in his tights.
Well it must have been in the heel.
I did have a very good day, thank you so much :)